Please check out our resource page for resources and community services regarding Alzheimers.

Here’s a gallery of our pictures and videos! We hope you enjoy perusing them!


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Nurses, Partners Help Kids Stay Safe on Wheels
2017-2018 Scholarship Applications
Masquerade Gala
Accredited Health Services
Getting kids active in the neighborhood, 1 bicycle at a time
Setting up for our great event, NAHN NJ presente!
More education fun in the sun.
Emphasizing summer safety is always a plus, educating our communities one step at a time.
Some of our NAHN members more than happy to work on this hot day. Thank you for all your help.
Busy day today, but very blessed and fortunate to work along side some of best people and making the world a better place for future generations
One of the lucky bicycle winners from our raffle during national night out in West New York
National Night Out Against Crime