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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a nurse or nursing student, what are the benefits of joining NAHN New Jersey?
A: The National Association of Hispanic Nurses, New Jersey chapter has multiple connections and members throughout the state. Networking with our members has always been a great asset to incoming members. There are many other benefits of joining our organization and they can be found here. “Membership Benefits” that will link to our membership page.
I am not Hispanic or a Nurse, can I still join?
A: Yes! Our organization is always looking to have members who support our cause and the Latino communities that we serve. Please look at the member application carefully to see which role as member you fall into. If you have any additional questions about membership, please contact our membership chair at
When or how often are the chapter meetings held?
A: We strive to have one chapter meeting each quarter, but they may occur more often pending the season or events we have planned. Not only do we have chapter meetings but we also have morale/social events that you and friends can attend. Please check out our Chapter Meetings page for exact dates and information “Chapter Meetings
How can I become more involved with the chapter?
A: Great question! There are many ways you can be involved with our chapter, from serving on a committee, to volunteering. It all depends on your time and availability. Our members are also emailed these opportunities via email. “More information to get involved
What volunteer opportunities are there available?
A: Volunteer opportunities vary by season and event. Please look at our volunteer page for more information “Volunteer Here
How do I become a member?
A: You can register online or send in an application by mail. Don’t forget to check off “New Jersey” as your chapter. As a NAHN New Jersey member you have the opportunity to obtain access to local benefits like scholarships, events, discounts, etc. “Become a member here
I am trying to renew or having trouble with the membership application, who should I contact?
A: Please contact our Membership chair for guidance or questions about membership. They have access to our membership roster, and can answer common membership questions for you. Email and they will reach out to you to help.
I am a business or potential community sponsor, who do I contact about sponsorship or sponsoring an event?
A: We welcome our sponsors happily, but we want to ensure that is a great relationship for all of us. Please contact our chapter president at for more information. Please include details like information about your company/business, events/merchandise/services you currently have, and how we can collaborate.
I am/was a nurse or studied nursing abroad in another country. Can I be a nurse in New Jersey?
A: All nurses within the United States must have graduated from an accredited nursing school and pass NCLEX in order to work as a registered nurse. More information about criteria needed to become a nurse in New Jersey can be found here “Professional Resources
I am looking for bilingual or Spanish speaking nurses for career opportunities, research projects, and/or volunteer opportunities. Who do I contact?
A: Thank you for your interest in our organization. NAHN New Jersey would like to hear more about your endeavors, please email our chapter president at to discuss details and coordinate future events.